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Art + Nature + Design

Healing - Centered Framework

Sierra Dew profile is an eco textile designer and community artist
handmade textile artist handmade with earth pigments and eco dyes


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Sierra Dew is a craftswoman, social-entrepreneur, and community worker, with over 20 years experience in teaching, coaching and collaborative healing work and design. She was born on Maui, Hawaiʻi and raised in her iconic family-owned grocery store, Mana Foods. Sierra is the Founder and Program Director of Wisdom Circles, an organization cultivating healthy, vibrant communities through creative expression and cultural connection. She is especially passionate about access to arts for youth and has developed numerous creative programs within organizations including Pāʻia Youth & Cultural Center, WorkNet Inc., 808 Urban, Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, Mana Maoli, and Kokua Kalihi Valley. Sierra currently resides in the Ko'olaupoko area.  

Artist Statement 

“I’m a big picture person- the study of art & nature help me see connections between things. I feel + see in patterns & color. I experience creating as deep connection to remembering my true self. My art is a road map of healing- the deviant paths of learning to trust myself & the joy of releasing my truth without shame. It  speaks to a common story of disconnection, mental health, finding wholeness, and healing. Making with my hands, finding that sense of flow- that is my sacred place of remembering.

From these experiences Iʻve become so passionate about others having access to art for healing too. I see so many who believe they arenʻt creative because of a society that only values logic + thinking. But everyone is innately creative because we are nature and nature is in constant expression of creating. I believe that each person, (especially those most impacted by oppression) being able to express their unique creative gifts is key to building healthy communities. I choose to use my gifts + resources + privileges to uplift my community.” - Sierra Dew


Polimoda School of Art & Design (Florence, Italy) - Fashion Design Degree 

University of Hawai'i - Fiber Arts and Fashion Design

Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Ars Therapy Institute - Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate

Project NatureConnect - Eco-Art Therapy Certificate with Applied Ecopsychology 

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching - Creativity Coaching Certificate


Greenpeace Virtual Art Action Training  

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